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Culture & Values

At CSC, we’re passionate about our customers. We take pride in the services we deliver and expect every one of our employees to provide our clients with what we call the “CSC Experience.”

Teamwork is the key to our success. We aspire to work as a cohesive unit not only within our individual work groups but across the entire company. We rise or fall depending on how well we work together.

Improvements at CSC begin with the individual. We’re always looking for a better way. We encourage new ideas and fresh perspectives. You won’t see a stream of ideas being pushed up through layers of management for approval.

You won’t find a lot of pretentiousness around here. The CEO’s office is no bigger than anyone else’s. When we say we have an “open door policy,” we mean it. Sure, we all have titles to help clarify our duties and responsibilities, but when it comes to providing quality service, nothing is beneath any one of us.

If that sounds good to you, we’d love to get to know you better.