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At CSC we make business possible.

I enjoy working for a company which recognizes me for the hard work and effort I give every day. I am proud to tell people I work for this great company. Brian - Business License, Customer Service

At CSC, we’re in the business of making business possible.

We help business owners form corporations and LLCs. We work with entrepreneurs to help start-ups get off the ground.

Our solutions make it possible for companies to keep growing. We help fulfill their legal obligations in any of the thousands of U.S. jurisdictions. We receive and deliver important legal paperwork on their behalf; assist them in filing franchise taxes and annual reports; and help them maintain the right business licenses and permits, wherever they operate. We make it possible for them to expand into other states and overseas.

We work with some of the world’s largest banks and commercial lenders, minimizing their financial risk through timely, accurate searches and filings. We help ensure the success of mergers and acquisitions. We give corporate law departments the tools they need to organize, file and safeguard their case-critical paperwork.

We protect many of the world’s most recognizable brands. We register and maintain corporate domain names, scour the Web for incidences of brand abuse, combat online infringement and take down phishing attacks. We help companies screen and clear trademarks in a global market.

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